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Welcome to a Federated Wiki site for documenting the handlers of the LCW Project.

# About

Here we make available Livecode Documentation under a Free Culture License as part of our overall programme of Making Coding More Accessible to world citizens.

Here are some tasks that i am currently working on: - [ ] script_UpdateMenus - [ ] script_UpdateMenus, g - [ ] getprop script_UpdateMenus

Handlers in this stack: - [ ] Commands - [ ] Functions - [ ] Virtual properties

Follow Changes to this Site or Changes to Livecode Sites to find out more About this site, and what we are Currently Working On.

# Tools

Use the Fedwiki Tools and the mediawiki-transport below to import Wikipedia content;

POST https://livecode.world/mediawiki

Find freely licensed images and drag them to one of these available transporters.

POST http://fed.wiki.org:4010/image

# Related

Here we list all the sites we find in the Federation about the Livecode programming environment:

Livecode Sites REFERENCES docs.livecode.world/livecode-sites

The C0de Academy is a site where we collect and research topics related to code, programming and technology.

This site is for Livecode documentation.

Here we gather resources, documentation, scripts, extensions, and weave these together into an entirely new world in which code, text, and multimedia combine. Welcome to the World of LiveCode!

I am a founder of the Viral Academy, where I teach a number of Courses .